Important Aspects of Your Home to Keep Up With

If you have wooden sills on top of the walls, see whether they are sound and whether cracks between wall and sills are calked to keep out moisture and cold air. See whether there is fire stopping on the sills between floor joists and, if so, whether it fits snugly, especially around pipe openings. Careless fire stopping allows fire to spread and permits rodents to get into the walls above.Any large wall hangings should also be checked periodically, although metal wall art requires considerably less attention than traditional wood wall art and tapestries. If the basement is not ceiled, the joists can be examined for signs of sagging or of warping.These defects often occur because the support or bridging is not sufficient. Look for possible shrinkage in the framing. See whether there are signs of damage in posts, sills, joists, and other woodwork caused by termites or other destructive insects. Also look for evidences or decay from dry rot, especially in sills or at ends of joists adjoining masonry.These little buggers are just as capable of getting into any kind of wooden home goods as well; pieces of metal wall décor are the only truly safe home décor objects you can get. Make sure that all exposed water pipes are protected from freezing, especially if located under a porch, or in some other unheated space.If there are floor drains in the basement or garage, see that there is sufficient water in them to maintain a seal in the traps. As there are various types of heating systems, the details of the inspection of such equipment will necessarily vary. The most favorable time for this inspection is in the spring when the plant is shut down for the season. If the smoke pipe is taken down in the spring, and cleaned, and put in a dry place until fall, its life will be greatly prolonged.Ashes should be removed from the fire box and ash pit and soot from the chimney. The baffles in a hot-water boiler above the fire box also require frequent brushing to remove soot. Even standard metal cutting processes are no match for wear. Laser cut metal and fabrication are excellent techniques but you must take care of these appliances as well. The hinges of the boiler doors should be oiled and the doors left open during the summer.If the grates are warped or broken, or if the walls of the fire box are cracked, such matters should be noted and repairs should be made, or new parts ordered promptly. Boilers should be examined for possible cracks or leaks. The coating on the boiler may need patching, or some of the heating pipes may require covering. Examine the chimney to see whether it needs pointing and whether the cement is sound around the smoke pipe where it enters the chimney.Notice whether woodwork adjoining the chimney requires covering to lessen the fire hazard. Stoves and stovepipe should be carefully inspected during the summer, and necessary repairs or replacements should be made before the colder seasons begin. After the structure and equipment of the basement have been thoroughly examined, the inspection of the exterior parts of the house might follow.

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